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This week the girls are all involved in the school production of The Bad Seed and think they’ve uncovered an important piece of evidence.

Aria decides to be Ezra’s stage manager for the show, but tensions run high when she acts a little too comfortable around him in front of the other students. The two bicker about the show and their possibly divergent futures, but make up by the episode’s end.

Meanwhile, Hanna continues to hide Caleb from her mom, leading to an awkward moment when she jumps into the shower with him after her mother returns unexpectedly. Confused by her attraction to him, Hanna treats him coldly until he confronts her. The two share a kiss.

Spencer sees Ian give Jenna a bag at school and asks Toby to steal her phone so they can see if the two have spoken recently. However, Caleb is unable to crack her complicated phone. But while rehearsing, Spencer finds a golf tournament trophy for Ian (dated the Hilton Head weekend) with blood on its corner. The girls turn it over to the police, but tests reveal that the blood is from a rat and the police tell Spencer there was no tournament that weekend. The girls are taken to the local precinct for more questioning.

Pretty Little Liars
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