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On this week's intense episode...

- Hanna appeared to have a couple breakthroughs. She pretended to cozy up to Caleb in order for Danielle to feel less jealous of her supposed feelings for Lucas. But we doubt she really minded getting close to Caleb.

She also got close to Dr. Sullivan, addressing an empty chair and pretending it was Alison. She basically told her former BFF that she had moved on. After this session, Sullivan's office was broken into and ransacked.

- Samara helped Emily cover for the Danby lie after learning the truth. They both convinced Emily's mom that other schools might also have interest and they shouldn't commit just yet.

- Aria learned her brother, Mike, was NOT playing basketball everyday after school. What's he been up to?!?

- Spencer forced the truth out of Wren: he was providing Melissa with supplies, such as medicine, for Ian. He then convinced Melissa to take him to Ian, with the girls secretly tagging along. When they arrived at a remote cabin, they all found Ian dead, gun in hand, suicide note on the floor. It said he killed Alison.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I actually stole my sister's wedding ring.


Leave it to A to make you feel bad about your mom feeling good.


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