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Mona returns to Rosewood and school, but she tells Hanna that she's scared people won't accept her and asks for her support. Life at school seems tough for Mona, especially when another student uses a knife to stick a cow's brain in her closet. But Mona sways public opinion with a soul-baring video. The liars feel some sympathy for her until Caleb shows them transcripts that indicate that Mona was insistent on returning to school, not her parents as she told Hanna earlier. Meanwhile, the girls find out that the innkeeper from the hotel that Mona used as her hideout is now working as janitor at their school. They find Ali's journal in his office, and Aria reads an entry about Ali blackmailing her father. Also, Lucas seems very afraid of Mona and tells Hanna that Mona has returned to Rosewood before her "first" day back. Jason has also returned to town and begins hanging around with Mona. Mona helps tend to wound on Jason's lower back that he might have received on the Halloween train.

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

You are in this class to discuss American history, not mine, got it?


Well, I'll tell you what, she sneaks in my house past midnight, I'm sleeping with a crowbar under my pillow.


Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 14 Music

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Magic wands kaleidoscope hearts Kaleidoscope Hearts Magic Wands iTunes
Song Love Always Ends In A Cliche Dale Campbell
Katie costello everything has its way Everything Has Its Way Katie Costello iTunes