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While helping CeCe with the "Trunk Show," Spencer finds out that Paige used to be Ali's nemesis, colorfully called "pigskin." The volatile relationship between the two involved physical and mental abuse, and Ali only got control over Paige when she tricked her into writing a love letter to Emily. Ali used the letter as a way to blackmail Paige into leaving her alone. Spencer tries to warn Emily, especially after she's trapped in a changing room with a snake; but Paige confesses to Emily that she did know Ali and that Ali bullied her so badly that she wanted to kill herself. Emily continues to trust Paige until Jenna stops by on her way out of town to tell Emily to be careful with Paige. Meanwhile, Aria tries to cheer up Ezra for his birthday because he's been very upset since she brought up the Maggie issue. Aria visits Maggie and notices that she has a 7 year old that bears a striking resemblance to Ezra. However, when Ezra contacts Maggie she doesn't tell him about her son. Also, the flash drive that Spencer tossed at Ian is finally recovered and given to Hanna's mom. Due to the sensitive nature of the videos on the drive (including one of Ashley and Detective Wilden), Hanna's mother decides to destroy it.

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Spencer: I don't remember you in Mama Mia.
Hanna: Good because I looked fat and hideous, and I had to stand next to a cardboard goat.

Don't think that was a love dunk.


Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 Music

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Turn it up 1 Turn It Up Megan Oliver iTunes
Civil twilight fire escape Fire Escape Civil Twilight iTunes
Anya marina speakeasy Speakeasy Anya Marina iTunes