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Noel Kahn takes the liars to see Ali who tells them everything that happened the night she disappeared. That night she was systematically trying to figure out who A was, but didn't have any luck. After threatening Jenna with the video of her and Toby, Ian with all the N.A.T. videos, and drugging all of her friends, Ali was no closer to finding the person who had been threatening her since Halloween. However, her mother was acting very strangely that night and saw whoever tried to kill Alison. In fact, her mother buried Alison alive while talking to her assailant.

Meanwhile, the Hastings are being questioned by the police because Spencer is suspected of killing of the girl buried in Ali's grave. But Melissa seems to know it wasn't Spencer and tells her father some important secret information. By the episode's end, A attacks Alison and the girls, but Ezra stops A. Unfortunately Ezra is shot and A escapes. Later on, Ali's mother is dragged into a grave and buried by A.

Pretty Little Liars
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