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Mrs. DiLaurentis invites Emily and her mother to stay at her home while their house is being repaired. While there, Spencer asks Mrs. D if she knows Dr. Palmer, who earlier mentioned Alison's mother when Toby questioned him again about his mother. Mrs. DiLaurentis claims that she met Dr. Palmer as a result of a horrible prank that CeCe Drake pulled, pretending to be Alison and trying to commit herself to Radley. She mentions that Alison and CeCe had a very unhealthy relationship. Meanwhile, Aria follows Caleb's trail in Philadelphia to an apartment that CeCe once shared with a roommate. The roommate says that Alison got CeCe kicked out of UPenn, and CeCe blamed not only Ali but all of her minions as well. Also, Wren tells Mrs. Hastings not to trust Mona, and after Spencer's mother visits Mona to question her motives, an anonymous caller claims that Ashley's lawyer coerced the confession out of Mona. And Ezra finds out that Malcolm is not his biological son.


Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

You guys are about as silent as a monster truck rally. Now, shut up!


Spencer (on CeCe): You're not just going to find her folding peasant skirts at the Diva Dish right now.
Hanna: Well then I'll search every hipster boutique until I find her.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10 Music

  Song Artist
Shelly fraley where will it go Where Will It Go Shelly Fraley iTunes
Chris arena babyfish Babyfish Chris Arena iTunes
Ms mr twenty seven Twenty Seven MS MR iTunes