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On Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 15, Aria keeps getting rejected from colleges, but it seems that Hanna has gotten into a lot.

Hanna heads off to do a school visit but quickly comes home after she talks to Caleb. Detective Tanner has ordered another search of Mona's property and Toby stumbles across a knife from his cabin. He immediately runs to tell Spencer and Caleb. Caleb says they need to get rid of the knife which likely has their prints, but Toby doesn't agree. 

Spencer and Caleb later try to get rid of the knife at melt it at the school kiln, but Caleb ends up getting locked in and burned to death by A. Spencer saves him. Toby finds out and is pissed and tells Spencer she can't confide in him as much anymore.

Hanna tries to track down Detective Holbrook and meets his father at a creepy trailer park where somebody pranks her. Holbrook's dad mistakes her as Alison. Hanna later goes to visit Alison in jail to tell her to stop contacting everyone.

Ashley Marin is looking for new work, it seems like Jason is flirting with her. Later on they hook up and Hanna sees him sneaking out.

Emily is trying to make extra money to go visit Paige by catering Ezra's party. Aria keeps getting rejected from more colleges so she writers a letter to Ezra's ex Jackie that says she relates her relationship with Ezra. Now A has their hands on it.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

The rest of you are gonna be waltzing off to sorority rush and I'm gonna be stuck picking up garbage in Rosewood. Yeah that'll be me, dodging A messages and wearing a big floppy hat to cover my bald spot.


Holbrook's not that bad of a cop, just a bad kisser.