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Mona's trial is entering the second month. 

Leslie takes the stand. The liars are shocked to the core.

Leslie speaks about how she and Mona spoke all summer. Mona sent her a card. In the card she wrote that Alison had threatened her. Leslie says she is only revealing this information now because she lost it and it turned back up. Leslie is saying that Hanna stalked her the whole time she was in Rosewood.

Spencer runs out on her phone and runs into Toby, who tries to make it up with her. Spencer isn't pleased with him. Emily rushes down the stairs and tells Spencer to get back in.

Alison reveals she wasn't at the playground alone. She ran away when she saw a jacket.

Aria pulls Mike in her room and tells him about Leslie.

Alison is giving out overalls to the inmates. Alison slips her a note telling her to come back tomorrow.

Toby is annoyed when Tanner asks him to get everyone coffee. He quickly asks if he has done something wrong. Mike brings a box in for Aria. They notice a smell and go in the box and find a massive tongue. Aria tells Mike it is for him and he knows who sent it.

Aria confides in Ezra who tells her to go to the police, but she comments that it didn't help Hanna. She wants Ezra to get him out of town.

Spencer and Emily go to the park Alison was speaking about earlier. They are stopped by someone named Matt who helps the homeless and asks them if they would like to help.

Andrew gets jealous when Aria tells him Ezra is taking Mike to the cabin.

Caleb is visiting Hanna saying it is very convenient that Leslie has shown up now. Caleb wants to get Mike to tell the truth, but Hanna says no because A will terrorize him for his final two years of high school.

At the school, Emily and Spencer notice the jacket on a girls bag. When they speak to her, Aria's mom walks up and the girl claims that she shouldn't have told them. The girls look shocked.

Aria is being grilled by her mom about the girl being freaked out. Her name is Kendra. Kendra went to a party the night before thanksgiving. She took a drug. She hid out at a playground.  Ella tells Aria to seperate herself from Alison. Aria reacts badly to this.

Ezra is shocked to find Caleb at the cabin. He tells Mike to get home and tell the truth. Mike wants to go home, but Ezra tries to keep him there. Caleb and Ezra argue, while Mike runs away in Ezra's car.

Kendra shows up at Spencer's house saying they need to talk.

Alison is clock watching, waiting on Hanna. Hanna tells Alison there was someone there that day. Alison burns her hand and tells Hanna to hurt herself. Hanna is scared, so Ali hits the washer door off her wrist. Hanna screams.

Alison's lawyer isn't pleased with the girls. She catches the girls passing notes and takes it. She says she has an urgent message on her phone from the liars.

Ezra and Caleb locate the car, but it is empty and the wind screen has an arrow through it.

Alison's lawyer interviews Kendra. Kendra is saying she heard Ali on the phone.The lawyer says Kendra will not be put on the stand because she's putting Alison on the stand.

Ezra and Caleb are shot at by someone with a bow and arrow.

Toby shows up at Spencer's house and asks to come in. Toby is upset and says that if Tanner isn't okay with him being with Spencer and being a cop then she's going to have to kick him off the force. The two of them kiss.

Mike is running through a forest, but is sprayed in the face with pepper spray and knocked out.

Aria phones Andrew and asks him to go up to the cabin to see check if everything is okay because she knows something is wrong. Mike is found tied to a pole with tape on his mouth. Caleb takes a picture for proof.

Alison is on the stand. Alison broke her arm when she was three and the lawyer has the proof. The lawyer tells the court that Alison couldn't have done it because of this.

Tanner is annoyed that Caleb and Ezra don't have much information. They are told to file it out of town where it happened. 

The prosecutor has proof that Alison can use her arm. A texts the liars saying "Bullseye, Bitches - A". The liars are shocked as they look at their cell phones. 

Toby asks to speak to Tanner. Tanner says he shouldn't be there. 

Alison is contemplating. The lawyer is shocked they managed to find the award in an hour. Alison reveals the competition was rigged for her to win.

Andrew shows up and says his phone was off because he was finishing his yearbook. Hanna is in her cell looking around her. Bored.

The jury has reached a verdict. Alison is found guilty of murder. Alison cries as she is taken away. Tanner is smiling while the other girls are arrested and charged.


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