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After A's big return, Alison decides its time to leave Rosewood. Hanna tries to help her leave, hoping it will eliminate some of the bad feelings she's been having since her friends return.

However, when Alison returns home to grab a few things, A nearly strangles Alison to death. Then, A makes it clear that Alison will die if she leaves Rosewood.

Meanwhile, Ezra and Aria go through his book files to find a connection between Mrs. DiLaurentis and Bethany Young. When Lt. Tanner visits Ezra to question the coincidences surrounding his shooting and Shana's death in New York, she leaves Ezra a package that was outside his front door.

The package, left by Eddie Lamb from Radley, contains a drawing by Bethany Young. In it, Mrs. DiLaurentis is about to be attacked by a huge monster while she waters her roses.

Pretty Little Liars
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