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Alison is given information about a plea deal and finds out she must name a liar as an accomplice for it to be accepted. After she is attacked in the prison, she decides to go ahead with the plea deal and calls the DA back. ]

Veronica informs Ashley about what's happening and that she thinks Hanna's name has been mentioned. Ashley speaks to Hanna who pleads innocence. Her mother believes her, but when Caleb informs Hanna that a warrant has been issued for her arrest, Hanna goes to come clean to Tanner and gets set to show the texts from A, but A hacks the phone and wipes the messages. The same happens to the other liars cells.

Spencer makes up with Melissa in London, but finds out Melissa lied to her again and calls it quits and heads home to Rosewood. Before leaving, she spends more time with Colin, who takes her to the theatre.

Ezria come to the conclusion that they will drift apart when Aria goes off to college, but Ezra promises they will work something out.

Hanna is arrested and is taken into custody and ends up in the same prison as Ali.

Ali informs the DA that she no longer wants the plea deal.

Pretty Little Liars
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