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Alison chases A and it is revealed to be Cece Drake. She is Alison's brother and tried to killer her and was put in Radley. She got a sex change because she felt uncomfortable as a boy. Mrs. D continued to see her, but Bethany screwed a lot of things up and made Cece take the fall. Bethany killed Toby's mum and Alison killed Bethany. 

Sara is revealed as Red Coat and Black Swan and tries to bomb Radley with the gals, Alison, Jason and Mr D. inside, but the bomb fails and Emily knocks Cece out cold. They manage to talk Cece out of killing herself. 

The girls say goodbye to each other as they separate, but they are brought back to Rosewood by Ali when she is in trouble. She writes her married name on the blackboard and the girls run into her classroom screaming at her that, "He's here." Everyone looks at each other completely shocked as Ali begins to cry. She doesn't know where to look and the episode concludes leaving us all wondering what might be coming next. 

Pretty Little Liars
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