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The liars team up to take down A, and Hanna makes her decision her final one in order to play the part. 

Caleb sets up traps at the motel in order to catch A. 

Alison has strange visions and Emily takes her under wing, but in the end, Ali has had enough and decides to go to the same treatment facility as Charlotte. 

It is revealed that Mrs. Dilaurentis had a twin who is Charlotte's real mother and that she is vying for power of the Carissimi company. 

Elliot was helping her with her task and managed to get access to fifty percent of it. Mary makes it clear she is going to make the person who killed her daughter pay and Elliot agrees. 

Hanna and Caleb bond when she tells him about when they split up that she returned to the apartment and he wasn't there. 

Spencer and Toby bonded over trying to get into a room in the Radley, but Yvonne made it clear that she did not approve. 

Aria and Ezra finish their book and their boss loved it so much she set up a book tour for them. The two of them slept together after the good news.

Pretty Little Liars
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