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Spencer meets up with the liars after checking her phone the night after she slept with Caleb. The new A has messaged her and they rally together to figure out what's going on. 

Aria sees her dad at the hotel and when she calls him, he cuts her off completely and says he has to go. When A texts the girls the murder weapon, they set out to find it. Aria has Emily lie to the chick in the brew to get access to Ezra's apartment, but it ends in disaster when they are caught out. 

Aria then checks her dad's golf clubs and realizes that one is missing and it's the same number as the one on the picture. An old man looks in Aria's window while her and Emily are looking for clues. 

Hanna comes clean to Jordan and says she wants to do the same to the police, so he gets a lawyer his family uses, but she's shocked when the back up from the security company goes missing and can't confess. It's later revealed that Ashley has it. 

Caleb comes clean to Toby about him and Spencer. Toby gets set to propose to Yvonne, but is very shocked when her and Spencer get on very well. Spencer tries to speak to him about his potential engagement, but he cuts her off. 

Spencer and Toby go sleuthing and find a garbage can with the hoodies and the jumper from the old A. 

The same old man exits the hotel and gets into a car, before taking his mask off and glasses. Who is it?!

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Sorry, Jordan. More about lying to you than erasing that tape. I totally get it if you didn't want to marry me.


Hanna: Do you seriously want a wife that you might have to visit behind six inches of glass?
Jordan: You're not hannibal Hanna.