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Kenneth takes Ali away and she realizes why. He takes her to a motel and tries to have her hide out from Charles. He takes her cell off her and she steals his to let her friends know why she's away.  After a big argument, she manages to break free and tells Rosewood PD who Charles is. 

Jason goes to meet Charles, but the gals and the police show up, causing him to get away. Spencer feels a little responsible because Toby ate one of her pot brownies and it affected him from capturing the tormentor. 

Sara's old friend pops back up and wants her to go stay with her, but Emily is reluctant at this. Sara wants to move out of the house so they can have a decent shot at a relationship and Emily reluctantly agrees. 

Lesli doesn't show up to a meeting with the gals and they get ready to go to her home, but Mona talks them down and explains that she is close to taking a mental break and won't be of much help, so they should just leave it.

Pretty Little Liars
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