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Aria and Spencer investigate the tunnels under the hotel and find out that Sara has been going back and forward that way and has been managing to evade the CCTV footage. 

They take the news to Ali, who warns them to speak to the police, but they are reluctant. Ali confirms the murder weapon was not a golf clb and that they need to look elsewhere. 

Spencer gets a shock when Caleb finds her mother's medical records on Yvonne's cell phone. Scared that it is going to be leaked, she goes to Mona who informs her that she told Yvonne to leave her phone because she would steal it, but Mona apologizes and says she wanted her to know the truth. 

Emily's eggs are destroyed when there is an issue at the medical center and it sends her on a mission to find A, but things don't go to plan and she bumps into her friends. 

Tanner warns Emily that the town was quiet in their absence and that she will stop at nothing to ensure that the real killer is brought to justice. Emily argues with her but realizes it's not worth it. 

Spencer realizes that Melissa's suitcase matches part of the murder investigation.

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