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Aria and Emily go out of their way to help Alison in her time of need and find details about his burner apartment. They go to investigate and it confirms their suspicions that he dressed as Wilden. 

Tobey appears at the door and is furious with the girls for tampering with evidence, but he gives them five minutes to get out. He also informs them that he's found Elliot's car. 

They lie and say they haven't been near the station. 

Sabrina and Emily's relationship develops into something more, but things get awkward when Emily has to run off with Aria in order to do some sleuthing, but Emily meets up with her later and tells her she wants to take things to the next level. 

Alison realizes that all of her money is gone and must start an investigation of her own when she realizes she has been fleeced. 

Aria is alarmed when she notices that Nicole is calling Ezra, but she's presumed dead. Ezra returns from a break and lets Aria know that he was checking with Nicole's parents if it is okay for him to move on with Aria. 

Later, Ezra proposes marriage to Aria, but did she say yes?

Pretty Little Liars
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