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Mary takes Hanna to Spencer's house and the girls debate what to do next and Mary's true motives. 

Hanna then goes home, but Spencer gets jealous of Caleb giving Hanna his full attention. 

Emily gets a phone call from Ali, saying that she needs help, but when Spencer goes to help, Elliot has revoked her visitor privileges. 

The gals join forces to find out why Elliot did it, but he maintains that he got the go ahead from Jason. 

Lucas returns to town to help Hanna move on with her life, but a contract she has to sign reminds her of the time she met Jordan and she decides to make another go of their relationship. 

Aria dumps Liam, unaware that he will be editing the book. She tells him that it has nothing to do with Ezra, but Liam catches them getting a little too close for comfort. 

Liam then uses his rage to personally attack Ezra with the book. 

Mary bumps into Spencer and they chat about the past. She then bumps into Emily and they both agree to go visit Ali. 

Elliot shows up and is furious with Mary, but Mary makes it clear that he's gone too far this time. 


Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Mary: Are you sure about this?
Hanna: Yes, I’m sure.
Mary: If someone tried to hurt you, the police…
Mary: I have to talk to my friends.

Hanna: Spencer, can I have something stronger than coffee in here?
Spencer: Yeah.

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