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Tanner returns to Rosewood and has the police raid all of the liars' houses. Spencer storms into Furey's office to be greeted with Tanner who says she will take great pride in taking the liars out of the equation. 

Aria demanded to speak to A.D, so he said they were to meet up. When they did, Mona had already found out about Aria's part, so she alerted the liars and they caught Aria. 

They argued, before making their way to Rosewood P.D. were Tanner offered to give them one chance to tell their side of the story. They left, and Aria struggled with the drama A.D. was causing so she called and yelled. 

A.D. said not to worry more pieces would become clear soon. 

Caleb told Ashley everything, and Hanna was surprisingly okay with him. 

Spencer visited Aria who had been given her stuff back and an alibi for the night Archer was killed. 

Hanna and Caleb got married, while the other liars had sex with their partners. 

A.D. called Aria and told her she was free to do what she wanted, so Aria rushed to Spencer's with a plan, but she was stopped by the police who found Archer's body in the back of the car. 

Meanwhile, Ezra and Caleb joined forces and found that Mona was making the calls. 

Pretty Little Liars
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