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Aria is stopped by the police and says that her keys are in her trunk. She manages to get the officer away and drives off. 

Mona realizes someone has stolen the game, and storms out her apartment, while Hanna and Caleb lurk in the hallway. 

Mary Drake leaves the Lost Woods to Spencer and Alison, saying they can use it for lawyer fees. 

Caleb, Hanna, and Mona found themselves at the cafe, and Caleb confronted Mona, but she made an escape. 

Aria and Ezra tried to get rid of the body, but it disappeared from her car. 

It was revealed that the flash forward scene from earlier in the series was a nightmare Emily had. 

Hanna walked through town and petals started falling from the bell tower. Hanna got to the top, and Mona told her Charlotte planned on terrorizing the liars once again. 

Mona then gave her the option to be killed or commit suicide. 

The liars decide against digging up the grave but are caught by Tanner who is there with a digger. 

At the police station, Mary Drake lies, saying she murdered Archer. Tanner lets the girls go. 

Mona revealed that she did not throw Charlotte, and pushed her against a wall, killing her with a pipe. 

The game was over, but then A.D. made his/her way to town.

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Caleb: How's the wedding night going for you?
Hanna: Not how I thought it would be.

Caleb: Ezra?
Ezra: I didn't mean to include you in all that.
Caleb: Why not? It's true.