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The liars are put in the worst situation they've ever been in after Elliot's murder, which they begin to cover up, but the stress pulls them in ways they could've never imagined.

Each divides up the tasks of how to make it look like Rollins skipped town, but Spencer gets too drunk dealing with the feelings from the mess they're in and her break up with Caleb, throwing their entire plan into the air.

Alison returns to the hospital, exactly as Elliot put her so many times to prove how horrible he was to her, and promote their story that he packed up and left Rosewood.

Each of the liars start to fall apart, but Hanna and Spencer lead. Not only are they fighting with each other, they have to put that aside to cover up a murder, and they do a poor job of it.

Jenna returns to town with a secret: she's been working with Rollins. Well, Archer. Ugly name for an ugly person, I guess, because he's stolen a dead person's identity and assumed their position in the medical field.

Rollins being A.D. makes sense now, as his real name is Archer, and he's been in contact with Jenna. Anyone surprised?

Pretty Little Liars
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