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Aria learns that Nicole ran off from the treatment facility and has no idea Ezra got back together with Aria.

Aria goes to stay with Alison, and finds out that A took the board game from Spencer's attic to her house. 

Emily learns that Paige is moving to Iowa after landing a job offer she could not refuse. 

Fury visits Alison to let her know Archer's finger was sent to Rosewood police and that they were treating it as a homicide. 

Ezra meets Aria and tells her that Nicole now knows everything and that she was leaving town. 

Hanna and Spencer wind up at Pastor Ted's house asking where Mary Drake is. He lied and said he had no idea who she was. 

The girls left and it was revealed that Mary was in the house. He asked Mary what was going on.

Alison found out that Emily's eggs were used, so she was having Emily's baby. 

Paige stayed in town and made out with Emily. 

Aria went to meet A.D. and found out it was Sydney trolling her. Sydney was the one who shot Jenna and wanted Aria to change sides and turn on her friends. 

Peter revealed that Mary visited her when she got out of Radley. He then said that Mary killed Jessica. 

Ted revealed that he was Charlotte's father and that her friend at camp was Lucas. 

Aria chose to work with A.D, while Hanna was offered another shot at the game. 


Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Ezra: Hey, you don't need to go.
Aria: I'm not taking the sofa. Nicole's already asleep upstairs.

Alison: Have you eaten?
Aria: I'm not hungry.
Alison: That's not what I asked.