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Furey hauls Spencer in for questioning and asks about the comment she made to Furey about the body. Spencer leaves and Furey says she should get herself a lawyer. 

Emily makes a bedroom for her and Ali's child and the two friends have a rare connection. 

Spencer tells the gals about her using the wrong card at the Radley, so Hanna decides it's her turn to steal the receipt. 

Ezra is shocked when his publisher asks him to speak about Nicole at a press event. 

Spencer turned to Furey and asked for him to let it all slip through the cracks, but he said no. Spencer stole a memory stick from his home and the liars watched it. 

They quickly learned that Lucas actually turned against them and told the police they would not be surprised if they killed Charlotte. 

Lucas was then seen with the comic in A's car. 

Mona showed up at Hanna's and got irate at being left out of the loop, while Spencer confided in Caleb about how dire her situation is. 

At the school, Alison was attacked, so Emily took her home. However, Aria was already there, trashing the kid's room. She narrowly escapes. 

Hanna has no time to find the slip, so Caleb destroys the paper. 

Hanna notices Lucas at The Radley and she got the liars back and went to the apartment. He confirmed he was partly to blame for Charlotte's game. 

He said there was a second book that was unfinished, and the liars think A.D. is framing it around their lives. 

Lucas revealed that the investors bailed on his company. 

Aria broke down in tears when she thought about her ordeal. 

A.D. wrote in the comic "Here Lies..." on a grave stone. 

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Furey: Are you okay?
Spencer: That's sort of like setting fire to my house and asking if I'm too warm.

Barry: Do you remember a joke you said to Detective Furey about burying a body?
Spencer: Yes, and I also recall unbuckling his belt in the elevator.