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Hanna is in her undercover room with rope, tape, and a hammer for Noel.

Marco tells Spencer, Archer is in France and the case is now international. He continues to ask her on a date now that he isn't on Ali's case.Spencer tell him its too soon for her to date.

Jason confronts Aria about the fire at his Aunt Carol's place. Aria confides in him about what they found and Mary's second child. Jason and Aria go to courthouse to get answers on the adoption. 

Hanna finds Noel throwing out trash. When she searches the trash she finds Sara Harvey's phone.

Flashback scene shows Aria and Jason in bed together. It appears they hooked up after she graduated college. Once she receives job at publishing house, Jason realizes its to see Ezra and they breakup. 

Emily and Paige are together still applying for the coach position. Emily confides in Paige that things are still happening with A. Instead of reaching out to her girlfriends about her issues she enlists Paige.

Spencer and Emily go digging around Noels cabin. They find out it's close to where Hanna was kidnapped. They find a USB with video of the girls in the dollhouse.

Hanna tries to give Noel a date rape drug to kidnap him. She tells him she knows he killed Charlotte.The plan doesn't go to well because Noel is on to her. In the end, Hanna regains control by knocking him out with a hammer when he isn't looking.

Someone breaks into Spencer's house and steals the USB back. Marco is there to comfort her but doesn't find anyone inside the house.

Aria and Jason get the paperwork back from the courthouse only to see its been redacted. The judge who signed of on the adoption is Noel Khan's dad. Aria believes Noel is Mary's second child. 

Aria finds out from Ezra, Nicole was not one of the hostages. 

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