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The liars react in shock to Spencer using the board, while Hanna gets ready to take a knife to it. They all agree to speak to one another before going forward with a plan. 

Emily finds herself in trouble with the school bully, Addison, who claims to Paige that Emily was being inappropriate with her. Emily wants to yell at her, but Paige offers to sort it out. 

Emily speaks to Alison and decides to take a shot at the board, revealing that Addison was hanging around with an older guy when she ditched class. 

Emily returns to her and argues with her, but Paige appears claiming that she sorted it and that Addison's parents were with the principle because of an email that was sent. 

Hanna is conflicted when she realizes that the person only wants items that were made with her former boss. She later fumes when she realizes Jenna is back and is wearing the dress. 

Toby confronts Jenna, but she says the only person who can say her story is wrong is dead. Hanna gets locked in a cupboard and recalls what Noel did to her. 

Aria tries to make amends with Nicole, but Holden stops her. 

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