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The girls are talking about never finding out who A.D was when Lucas starts to tap dance, then Jenna rides by on a horse, and snow appears.

This all is a dream Mona created watching her snowglobe, which breaks when A.D shows up in her room. 

One year later, Aria and Ezra arr on a movie set for their book and are planning to get married. 

Alison and Emily have two twin girl, Grace and Lily. 

Melissa and Spencer are bonding when Toby shows back up in town. 

Addison tries to test Alison in class, and seem to be bullying a student. Jenna appears at Rosewood High as a Life Skills teacher. 

Hanna and Caleb are fighting about Mona. She is staying with them after her release. 

The group plans a party for Ezra and Aria, and Mona leaves the loft. Melissa is watching the group in a black hoodie. 

Every couple leaves, Toby and Spencer go to his room to play Scrabble. Hanna and Caleb are trying to have a baby but Caleb isn't sure. 

Aria gets a call and then Spencer finds her crying because she can't marry Ezra.

Melissa turns out to be Mona wearing a face mask. Mona is working for A.D but knows nothing about who they are or what she needs to do. 

The call Aria got was that she can't have children. 

Someone who looks like Spencer visits Mary and asks for her help. 

The girls are upset that Mona is at Aria's party, but Spencer agrees.

Someone who looks like Spencer talks to Toby but seems uncomfortable. 

Ezra finds out that Aria knew she couldn't have kids for longer than a few weeks, not letting him in. 

Emily wants to know what Alison and her mom were hiding, turns out it was Ali wanting to propose and getting Emily's grandmother's ring. 

Hanna and Caleb make up, with Hanna realizing they need to ask Mona to leave. 

Someone who looks like Spencer visits Toby in his hitel and they have sex. 

Back at the Hastings house, Spencer or someone who looks like her gets hit over the head by Mona.

Spencer wakes up and meets her twin, only to get knocked out by Mary again. 

Spencer's twin reveals that her name is Alex and she met Wren in a pub who told her about Spencer. She says she already pulled off being Spencer, with Hanna when she was captured and when she kissed Toby before he left town. She was also the one who slept with him. Alex was the one in the airport when Ezra saw her. 

Alex got Wren to shoot her so she would look like Spencer even with a bullet wound. Shortly after that she killed Wren and turned his ashes into a stone to wear. 

Alex goes to Aria's wedding as Spencer, revealing to the audience that Wren is the father of Emily and Alison's babies. 

Mary tells Spencer that she is trapped too, not knowing Alex was alive until a few weeks ago. Mary goes inside the room to hug Spencer, only for Spencer to steal a bobby pin from her hair.

Ezra texted Aria that he isn't coming to the wedding.  

Spencer notices that someone else is trapped in another room, which appears to be Ezra. 

Charlotte left Alex all her money, and Jenna seeked out Alex. Turns out Charlotte and Alex bonded, along with Archer. But Charlotte missed the game and left.

Alex says she will spare Spencer but not Ezra. Toby notices that the horse reacts badly to Alex posing as Spencer. 

The girls think something is up with Ezra, since he planned a balloon ride for them at the same time that he was calling off the wedding.

Jenna calls Toby after meeting Spencer to say she can't be her. 

Toby brings the book ''Spencer'' gave him before he left town and they realize it can't be hers so she could have a twin. Mona is spying on them through cameras, and calls someone that she seems to be working with. 

Wren is the one that visited Mona, and she convinced him she could help so she could actually beat A.D.

Mona reveals that Alex both Toby's old house so the gang heads there while Spencer and Ezra try to escape themselves. They think they found a way out because it looks like they are outside but they are underground in a fake lifelike area.

The gang arrives but they can't figure out who Spencer is and who Alex is. 

Toby figures it out by asking which poem is Spencer's favorite. 

Aria and Ezria get married, with I. Marlene King making an appearence. 

Hanna reveals that she is pregnant. 

In Paris Mona is the owner of a doll shop and has a good looking boyfriend. In her basement Mona has a dollhouse, with the real Alex and Mary trapped there.

Back in Rosewood, Maya's niece and her friends have a direct parallel where Addison goes missing. In a word for word scene, one of the girls said she heard Addison scream.

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