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The team tries to make their way to Phaecia, but Omar tricks them and attempts to kill Whip. When they figure it out, Omar joins their side. 

While on their mission, Cyclops shows up and shoots Omar. The men all escape, but they are shocked to learn Omar died of his injuries. 

When Cyclops re-appears, Michael draws rocks, and he is the one tasked with killing him. While the other three men go to Phaecia, Michael tries to kill Cyclops. 

He stabs him in the eye with a screwdriver, but Cyclops manages to poison Michael in one last attempt to take him out. 

Lincoln, Ja and Whip find safety at Phaecia, but they were shocked to learn that Michael was not there. They set off fireworks and Michael arrives, dying after being poisoned. 

A&W and Van Gogh go to the NSA to try and get intel on where the men are. We are introduced to someone named Trisha who A&W dated. 

Trisha shows them footage of the men in Yemen, but when ISIL soldiers chase the men, she figures out there is something not right and tells the two to leave the NSA. 

Prison Break
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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

I did tell you I would be the one to kill you.


Lincoln: We can go for a drink when all of this is over.
Sheba: I don't drink, but I will buy you a drink. How about that?