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It's all about hope. Addison fights for a patient that no one believes in, and on a personal note, she really hopes people will RSVP to a gathering she planned at her home. Meanwhile, Cooper hopes he can help a boy going through some interesting times, while Violet is obsessed with her ex's new wife when she comes to the clinic.

Sam hopes his first TV spot promoting his book goes well. Dell, in a nice moment full of hope, shows Addison Naomi's Wall of Miracles, a board full of pictures of babies that beat the odds and survived. Pete meets a woman whose husband falls asleep throughout the day intermittently.

A pregnant woman, who can barely make it off the elevator, is helped by Sam and Addison. She goes into early labor and Addison gives her medicine to stop the contractions. That's when Charlotte shows up to claim her, with startling news that this patient - as yet unidentified by Oceanside - is straight out of the mental institution. Her name is Rebecca.

Later on, Rebecca's mom shows up with Charlotte to bring her back to the hospital. Addison gets lab results back that show Rebecca is lying and gives up on her. Sam stops everyone from taking Rebecca to give him a little more time to figure out what is wrong with her.

The doctors came up with a new theory as to why Rebecca feels the way she does, but Charlotte and the mother take off with her, bringing her back to the hospital. Rebecca and her mom find out she has had Crohn's disease all this time and is not suffering from mental illness.

Pete's patient, Sylvia, worries that husband Stan is having these episodes conveniently after he proposed to her. Pete ultimately figures out that Stan has actually been passing out due to too much sex. Some problem. In other news, Sylvia, who Pete is apparently well acquainted with, tells him Addison reminds her of his late wife.

Michael's parents go to Cooper, looking for their son, who has disappeared. He's in love, their son. Now he's gone. Cooper is also practicing a speech to give to the woman he's fallen for... unfortunately, his timing is bad as he Violet is still obsessing over the woman who took her man away.

Michael returns, bruised and beaten, after telling his crush, Brian, that he was in love with him. Michael is gay. Cooper tracks down Brian, the crush, at the skate park, to get to the bottom of it, then finds Michael, standing on top of a building and ready to jump. Thankfully he talks him through his first rejection and off the ledge.

Violet finds Cami's file, looking for closure, but Naomi catches her with the file and takes it away from her. Later Violet finds out that Cami comes to the clinic with a bladder infection because she's been having too much sex. But she's not the only one acting strangely on this day. Violet confronts Cami as she is leaving the clinic, and finds out that the reason she came was to scope her out.

Addison's get-together is ultimately a success, even though no one RSVPs. It goes well, everyone has fun Violet starts to believe that Cooper might have feelings for her, but he doesn't admit it. Addison tells Naomi she's upset for hiding the fact that there is likely no hope for her to have children but wants to hold out in hopes that something changes.

Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Sam: You are a bald man,come on say it.
Lewis: I'm a bald man.
Sam: You are a strong proud bald man.
Lewis: I'm a strong proud bald man.
Sam: You are a strong proud bald man!
Lewis: I'm a strong proud bald man!

Violet! Step away from the pee-pee.


Private Practice Season 1 Episode 5 Music

  Song Artist
Song How We Do This The Brand New Heavies
Song Sunchild Thief
Song There's Joy To Be Found The Thrills