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The story about his grandfather (George Segal) being bored at the nursing home and taking part in a fight club was touching as it highlighted how senior citizens spend their days and how they are treated. But the love triangle that is Dell-Naomi-Sam is still perplexing. Dell, as Sam put it, is a kid. Maybe she'll give Dell a chance at some point in Season Two, but a permanent couple? That will be a stretch.

Sam and Naomi

After some hesitation, Sam discovered that he wants to give another try to him and Naomi. After Dell's "I love her and I won't make her cry" speech and thanks to an eye-opening speech from Dell's grandfather, Sam decides to fight for Naomi and kisses her in front of some of the other doctors. Naomi now has to make a choice: Dell or Sam. Dell could bring in some fun and novelty. Sam brings security and a chance at rebuilding a family.


Cooper devised a plan (stealing Charlotte's "dads-to-be class" idea) to make her feel exactly how he feels when he can't be on top. This was definitely the humorous storyline of the episode. Pete and Cooper teach fathers-to-be how to take care of babies. Cooper was in control.


Addison walked in the police station to ask Kevin out not only because that means we'll see more of David Sutcliffe. Pete will have to watch Addison date "Officer Manly" for a while. Addison and Pete may still end up together but that their paths need to separate first.


She and Cooper finally made peace. It will take time for them to be as close as they were before, but at least they are headed back in that general direction.

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Private Practice Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

"It's amazing what some people will do to entertain themselves."


[about Sam] "He's fighting for her."