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Following last May's pilot, which was embedded in an episode of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice officially debuts on its own September 26. And it promised not to disappoint.

As the opening credits roll, Addison is still in the Seattle Grace OR, where she is confronted by Richard about the resignation letter she left for him. She tells him her decision to move to L.A. is final and tells Richard a little about the people at Oceanside she got to know.

It's a world of difference from what she remembers, though. After a happy morning dancing naked in front of the window - and surprised next door neighbor Sam (that's what happens when you use the guy's Realtor) - she goes to her first day of work.

That's when we learn that Dr. Naomi Bennett, who owns 55 percent of this Private Practice, hired her without consenting any of the other "family" members. They are none too pleased to learn about this hire, despite Dr. Montgomery's incredible charm and talent.

There are medical emergencies that put the internal strife on the back burner for now, though. When a woman's older fiance dies of a heart attack when trying to produce a sperm sample so they can have kids, she asks for his sperm to be extracted after he's gone.

The problem? Dr. Charlotte King, at the nearby hospital upon which the co-op members often depend, is not buying it. Nor is the man's wife. Yes, he was married for 17 years before he left her for the younger woman and now she wants the sperm. Or at least for the young woman not to get it.

Eventually, however, after some cajoling from Naomi, Charlotte allows them to do the procedure if the hospital isn't liable. Then Naomi convinces the widow of the man to let him go, since he was clearly interested in having a baby with the younger woman and that's pretty much all there is to it. She concedes, and the doctors are able to get the job done.

Along the way, we learn a little about Sam and Naomi, as the woman in this case makes Naomi think about the way he left her. He says he wasn't happy and wanted to see her fight for once. She didn't, leaving him no choice but to go his own way. Still, there are signs of hope for these two yet.

Violet, meanwhile, finds one of her patients in a camping / sporting goods store, crawling on the floor and obsessively counting the tiles, possessed by some inner turmoil. With the help of Cooper, who helps her, she learns what set the woman off - a TV ad triggering a memory of her dead son - and is able to talk her back to reality. It's sad and touching and the bond of friendship between Cooper and Violet is clearly shown.

Back at the co-op, Dell complains that Addison doesn't take him seriously, that all she sees is a surfer boy when he is studying to be a midwife. He gets a chance to prove his skills soon enough when a young, pregnant girl named Lucy goes into labor at the hospital - then has complications and must have an emergency C-section before they can get her out of there.

Via acupuncture, Pete somehow makes it so Lucy won't feel pain, since they have no access to anesthetic. Addison operates and saves the day while Dell assists. The baby is fine, and Lucy nearly falls into cardiac arrest but Pete is able to revive her. All in a day's work at Oceanside!

Now that all that's taken care of, the doctors confront Naomi and want to take a vote on whether Addison stays. Naomi agrees, but Dr. Montgomery is not having it, proclaiming that she's here to stay and going to make this her life. She had one patient today, she says, and she saved her life. If that doesn't prove her worth, what does?

Impressed, the doctors welcome their new partner. Addison goes home... and this time, remembers to shut the drapes before her naked dancing.

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Private Practice Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I wanted to see you fight... just once!


Addison: I want to hear you say it out loud.
Pete: You didn't move down here because I kissed you.
Addison: [walks away] Thank you.
Pete: You so moved down here because I kissed you.