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As Season Two of Private Practice opens, Dell is going "green" - and cheap, cutting down on costs with cheaper files, gowns, and mugs instead of paper coffee cups. He asks Naomi to talk repeatedly, but she blows him off.

Pete asks Addison out, point blank. Addison tells him she'll think about it, still unsure of where things are with SWAT Officer Kevin (David Sutcliffe). Just then he shows up, and the sparks with Addison are palpable.

Violet is trying to plan her yearly best-friend-get-away with Cooper, who asks Charlotte if she'd like to go away instead. He wants to tell his BFF Violet about them, but Charlotte is not a fan of that idea.

On the work front, Cooper sees a young patient, Dean, who confides that he's going to have sex with his girlfriend. Cooper gives him the condom speech, but "the talk" is more loaded than he knows as the boy is HIV positive and doesn't know.

His parents won't tell him, and Cooper can't either. Due to doctor-patient privilege, Cooper can't tell the parents of his intentions. The parents are threatening to sue Cooper if he tells Dean the truth.

Naomi is distracted, blowing off everyone. She asks Addison to cover a patient for her, and Addison meets the Madisons, a nervous, sad couple.

Only 27-weeks pregnant, they are demanding to induced. They want to use the baby's cord blood cells to save their 7-year-old son who has leukemia.

Addison confronts Naomi with the moral and ethical gray area involved in the situation, specifically with delivering the baby three months early.

They disagree on the basics - Naomi wants to save the son and the family the grief of losing a child. Addison wants to save the baby the distress of a premature birth. Violet confronts Naomi about this too, but for different reasons, stating that doctors have a policy about discussing cases such as this together. Naomi says she forgot to tell them.

Addison refuses to deliver the baby early. The doctors all sit around and discuss Naomi and the fact that she's clearly off her game.

Addison confronts Naomi, who says point-blank that they paid the practice $80,000 and that Oceanside needed the money. The practice is broke.

Pete and Sam try again to get in with Addison and Naomi respectively, but are blown off, and then Violet guesses Cooper has someone in his life.

Cooper again tries to get Charlotte to let him tell Violet about them, but Charlotte calls them all incestuous and refuses. Cooper loves his "family," though, and tells her to get out.

Sam talks with Addison later and assumes that what Naomi told Addison that afternoon was about him - not about the practice. Addison does not spill.

The next morning, Cooper has called Dean and his parents in for a talk, trying to get them to initiate a discussion on Dean's health.

Cooper tells the parents Dean is planning to have sex, and after the dad tries to punch Cooper, Dean tells Cooper it's too late - he already did.

Naomi and Addison are called to the hospital. The wife's water has broken. Obviously, the child needs to be delivered, and Charlotte has a team of doctors at the ready for the cord blood.

The mom used a knitting needle to break her own water. After the baby is born, and the cord blood taken to the son's surgical team, the mom begs Addison to save the baby. Addison does.

Violet comes by to find out how everyone is, and runs into Charlotte, who unknowingly drops a subtle comment that implies she's sleeping with Cooper.

Dell corners Naomi. He's been fielding all of the issues with the failing practice, and that's what he wanted to talk to her about, not about "them" - if there ever was a them. Then Dell quits.

Addison goes into to Sam's office and tells him Naomi has run the practice dry. She tells him he has to be the one to confront Naomi.

Next door, Violet, working through the Cooper-Charlotte news, invites Pete, who just can't quit Addison, on a vacation.

Charlotte comes back to Cooper, saying that she'll go on vacation with him, but he can't tell anyone about them yet.

Officer Kevin shows up at Addison's house, a welcome distraction from her day. Naomi shows up at Sam's looking for comfort.

Sam tells the rest of the doctors the news about the money, and takes the reins of Oceanside, leaving Naomi in tears.

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