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Immediately following Grey’s Anatomy's episode, "Beat Your Heart Out" the big crossover continues with Archer’s seizures much more.

On the other side of the phone call Derek received at the end of Grey’s Anatomy, Addison is standing outside of a hospital room breathlessly demanding “Derek, I need you!”

Fourteen hours earlier, Naomi and Archer are getting it on when Archer has a seizure. Naomi calls an ambulance and gets Archer to a hospital but he refuses treatment and checks himself out.

When Naomi later demands answers, he confides that he has an inoperable brain tumor but doesn’t want anyone, especially his sister, to know.

He’d rather just live out the rest of his days happily. Presumably, this is why he moved to California to be closer to Addison.

Naomi can’t keep the secret, though, and begins to tell everyone else in the practice including, finally, Addison.

Addison tries to take control and pulls enough string to get Archer’s last CT scans, which reveal a brain tumor in the center of his brain, making it largely inoperable.

When they confront him about the tumor, it’s revealed that he can’t look up, which indicates that the tumor is growing faster than he believed.

Another CT scan reveals that it’s growing too fast to be a tumor.

Further tests reveal that he actually has brain worms and the eggs are in danger of bursting at any time. Addison wants to have Derek operate, but Archer is insistent on taking drugs to kill the parasites.

The two siblings argue about which treatment is the bigger risk until Addison finally accepts that it’s Archer’s decision to make.

She goes to get some wine and Archer goes into another seizure, which the doctors cannot bring him out of.

The decision is finally made to induce a coma to stop the seizures and Addison, as Archer’s next of kin, decides to have Derek operate.

That, opposed to waiting 10 days for the drugs to work.

Addison, Naomi, and Archer (still in a coma) leave to catch a plane to Seattle Grace, where we will see them in next week’s Grey’s Anatomy.

In another major development, Violet finally tells Pete and Sheldon that she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is.

Neither takes it particularly well.

However, Pete surprisingly comes down on the side of wanting to be in the child’s life.

However, he is upset Violet essentially made the decision for him.

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Private Practice Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Violet: Looks like you're good at your job.
Dell: Well, I'm not a doctor but, yes, I know a thing or two about pregnant women.
Violet: Stomach cramps?
Dell: Aren't about the baby.
Violet: What are you talking about? I've an alien pea growing inside of me.

Cooper: I need a favor, Charlotte.
Charlotte: I need 3 more nurses, 6 more hours in a day, mandatory martinis at lunch, and, oh yes, to know why the man I was sleeping with is living with another woman.