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She treats Morgan, a woman who has already had one miscarriage and is now having cramps with her next pregnancy. Addison tells her she can help herself by not having sex.

Violet & Her Men
Pete treats a car-jacking/attack victim named Tara. Pete wants Jill to get a psych consult, so Violet is called in. Jill strongly wants to help the police find her attacker and put him away.

Meanwhile, Violet's two men demand a paternity test. Cooper informs her she can't have a paternity test for a couple more weeks because the baby isn't far enough along.

Cooper & Charlotte
His patient Annie is a 12 year-old girl having a tumor removed from her heart by a surgeon named Dr. Barnes. Dr. Barnes hits on Addison. Annie is sick of the surgeries and treatment. She appeals to Cooper to help her.

Sam & Naomi
Sam called out Naomi's name during sex with his girlfriend Sonya. Oops.


Dr. Barnes hits on her again. Addison is treating Morgan, the miscarriage patient. Addison puts her on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Violet & Her Men
She conveniently missed the window for the paternity test, so her potential baby-daddies want her to have an amnio, which has risks. Also, Jill is being retraumatized by Violet digging up her memories of the attack. Violet accompanies her to a lineup and Jill identifies her attacker.

Cooper & Charlotte
They seem to be working on a fresh start but Charlotte still has a big ol' stick up her ass about something. Coop goes to see Annie, who's back in the hospital for chemo and then her next surgery.

Her parents are torn on what to do. Dr. Barnes thinks there's a chance Annie will survive, but Cooper is siding firmly with Annie. Addison advises Barnes to bring in Charlotte about it and Charlotte takes this opportunity to trump Cooper.

Annie wants a say because it's her life but the judge insists on the surgery because Dr. Barnes thinks he can save her.

Sam & Naomi
Sonya is making him sleep on the floor as punishment. Naomi is still his confidant, and offers to take Maya so he can "whisk" Sonya off on a trip. Naomi then researches tropic locales for them.


Dr. Barnes has been MIA due to "personal stuff" for awhile and remarks in the scrubbing-in room that he missed Addison. Addison heads off to Morgan's amnio and has a little girl-talk about her crush on Dr. God.

She thinks something is holding him back from asking her out but she can't tell what it is. He corners her in the doctors' lounge and wants advice about his God complex pushing too hard.

He takes her hand and wants her to just sit with him for awhile. Addison points out that they don't even know each other's names and when she introduces herself, he drops her hand and bolts.

Violet & Her Men
Jill is freaking out because she recognizes her attacker's face but can't remember any details about the attack for the trial. She also keeps seeing her attackers face everywhere, even in her dreams. Violet asks Pete to help with Jill and Jill sees him as her attacker. Pete wants Violet to quit with the therapy, but she insists.

Cooper & Charlotte
Annie's impending surgery has her accepting the fact that she's going to die in the hospital. Charlotte overhears and takes it back up with Dr. Barnes, calling him out on his God complex. Dr. Barnes backs down and Annie gets to go home.

Sam & Naomi
Naomi is still researching trips and Dell points out how she's really avoiding living her own life by inserting herself into Sam's life.


Morgan's baby is going to be fine... and it turns out Dr. Barnes is Morgan's husband. Addison meets him at a bar and advises him not to do something really stupid (like she did). Addison, though, is a champ.

Violet & Her Men
At the trial, Jill is freaking out and Violet talks her through it. Later, Pete apologizes to her because Jill ended up doing well and Violet is responsible. Violet then tells her men that she's not ready to know who the baby daddy is.

Cooper & Charlotte
Cooper goes to Annie's 13th birthday party on the beach. Annie got to surf and she's surrounded by friends. It's really nice.

Cooper tries to reconcile with Charlotte and she gets mad at him for loving her, even though she's a horrible, horrible woman.Instead, he grabs her in a hug and she cries and they kiss.

Sam & Naomi
Sam is back from his trip and wants more advice about Sonya - it took him THREE months to take her on a trip? For calling out his ex-wife's name in bed? - but Naomi has to bow out on the advice stuff to go have some fun of her own. This causes Sam to break up with Sonya.

He says it's because Sonya isn't his best friend but I think it's so he can get back together with Naomi because he loves her.

Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

(to Violet) You're alone here. You have Cooper and the baby. But you're all alone. And you don't have to be.


Cooper: Charlotte, you did a good thing. A thing that makes me love you even more.
Charlotte: I don't need you to love me even more! I slept with Archer. And you forgive me. You are good, you are the good one, you do good things. You and ... it makes me sick. You loving me, it makes me literally sick to my stomach. I slept with somebody else. I screwed Archer's brains out and you forgive it? Who does that? So you're the good one and I'm the bad one. And I don't want credit for saving a little girl's life, I don't want it.
Cooper: You need to forgive yourself.
Charlotte: Stop loving me. Just stop loving me.
Cooper: No, no. I will not stop loving you. No.
Charlotte: I'm sorry.