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On this episode of Private Practice women are all complaining about their lack of sex - Violet has no one, Addison has Kevin, but he's out of order for a few more weeks, and Naomi is wishing Addison's brother would swing back through town.

They find Charlotte giving away free breakfast to lure in patients to the newly opened Pacific Wellcare, and snidely comment that no one would fall for that. Cut to Sam and Pete, eagerly eating her free breakfast.

They meet Sheldon, who asks if Violet is single.

Later, they see Ray Daniels, a champion cyclist, who is walking with a limp. They poach him from Pacific to Oceanside, and tell him they can have him race-ready in two days.

After a quick shot, he hops on an exercise bike.

At that moment, his wife, Monica, comes in, unhappy that he's training. It turns out it's not just his knee; he has a heart problem.

He wants to ride for the prize because they're broke.

He points out that Sam and Pete said they could fix his knee, and that's what he wants, regardless of his heart issue.

After some treatments, Ray is pain-free, but Pete is having second thoughts. He asks Ray not to race, but Ray says he's going to.

The next morning, Pete and Sam are obsessed with Ray's stats, including his heart rate (handy) online. In the last mile, Ray takes the lead, and wins, and then immediately the heart rate monitor disappears.

When Sam and Pete arrive at the hospital to find Ray, they're told he died. Over his body, Pete and Sam discuss their own faults.

Cooper has packed up a bunch of Charlotte's stuff, and brings it up to her new office. Charlotte, who at first seems emotional, says she's not going to return his stuff ... then pukes into the trash can.

Cooper insists she's pregnant, which she denies while throwing him out of her office. The next morning, she brings pregnancy tests to Cooper, and while they're waiting for the results, they discuss names.

The test comes back negative, and both of them seem saddened by it.

It turns out Charlotte was sick from the free breakfast.

Addison meets with a patient, Leah, a workaholic who finds out that she has ovarian cancer. Addison wants to remove her ovaries and uterus immediately, but Leah absolutely refuses to go ahead with surgery.

She leaves demanding a second opinion.

Later, Pacific comes asking for Leah's records for a Dr. Lockhart. Addison marches up to Wellcare, and lays into Charlotte.

Dr. Wyatt Lockhart appears, all suavey, calling Addison "Monty," and explaining about a trial he's going to run on Leah using different medications instead of surgery.

As she's storming out, Lockhart tells Addison that Charlotte said she was brilliant, but didn't mention her hotness level.

Addison only pauses for a second before continuing the storming-out.

The next morning, Leah comes into Addison's office demanding her records, upset that Addison didn't turn them over as she'd wished.

She says that the most important thing to her is getting rid of the cancer AND having a baby - something Addison can't give her with surgery.

Addison reluctantly hands over her records, wishing her the best.

Addison and Lockhart meet up again.

Lockhart invites Addison out to dinner, and then says they could just skip dinner and go to his place. Hello.

Complications arise, and Leah ends up needing immediate surgery. Lockhart isn't a surgeon, so Charlotte calls on Addison to save Leah's life.

While scrubbing in, Lockhart walks in, and Addison tells him that his careless handling of Leah could cost her her life.

Lockhart says he will save her.

On the operating table, Addison promises a crying Leah "we", as in she and Lockhart, will help her.

Even though he isn't a surgeon, Lockhart proves himself to be handy, and also proves that the tumor is shrinking, through his treatment.

When Leah wakes up, Leah tells Addison that she wants to go ahead with the surgery, to save her life.

As she's leaving, Charlotte asks Addison how Leah is doing, and Addison takes the opportunity to tell her that Lockhart is a reckless SOB.

Charlotte says that Lockhart is good for business, out for glory, and arrogant, and that she doesn't have to like him.

Addison says that he sounds like someone who would use insider information from her boyfriend to start her own practice, and that she and Lockhart must be made for each other.

Charlotte, the Queen of Mean, breaks down crying.

Addison, not getting her big walk out, offers to talk it over, but Charlotte dismisses her.

That night, again in the elevator, Lockhart tries to turn on the charm again, but Addison says that if he calls her Monty one more time, she'll plunge a scalpel through his hand.

Dell is seeing a young patient, Judy, who isn't sure she wants to keep her baby - she's been thinking about putting her unborn son up for adoption.

Dell calls on the doctors to start an impromptu adoption service - they have clients who are always considering adoption, and couples who are having problems conceiving.

In fact, Violet already has a couple who are interested in adopting.

The next morning, Judy meets with Violet but before she heads in, Dell coaches her on what to say - and he goes a little too far.

Naomi and Violet meet with the couple to discuss the situation. They're a little hesitant since they've been through this unsuccessfully before.

Dell then brings Judy in to meet them.

That night, a very happy Judy tells Dell that she's feeling positive - not about the adoption, but about her life in general.

She's excited that they've offered to pick up her expenses while she's pregnant, but she mentions that Violet said she could change her mind.

So, she's not 100 percent sure about the adoption.

The next morning, Dell talks to Violet about his concerns, and Violet parrots back the same lines Dell fed Judy.

Dell asks Cooper about the situation, and Cooper admits that he was adopted. He says that his birth mom wavered, but ultimately made the best decision for her. 

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Private Practice Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Lockhart: I like you, Monty. Let me take you out to dinner, show you I'm grateful. And I'm not as bad as you think.
Addison: I'll take your word for it. Oh, and if you call me Monty again, I'm going to plunge a scalpel through your hand.

(Kevin is sitting on the stairs)
Addison: How was work?
Kevin: This is as far as I got.
Addison: You been sitting here all day?
Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, my ass fell asleep two hours ago. It's not funny.