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Addison and the other doctors stage an intervention to get Naomi and Sam back together as leaders of Oceanside... Addison is the ringleader.

Cooper's new patient Brayden, 5, doesn't speak, and doesn't seem to have any understanding of anyone else. The mom has been to lots of other doctors, and doesn't want to hear the same old diagnosis of autism.

Cooper has a brief moment of eye contact with the child, and he promises to do some more research. Before he can get to that, however, the mom realizes that she's she's seen Cooper before... naked. Online.

Naomi and Sam come out of the conference room and tell everyone that the practice as a whole will vote for the person they want to run Oceanside.

Dell even gets a vote, but Dell has some stipulations from Naomi - he wants his shadowing hours and he wants them now. Sam immediately starts spending his time trying to persuade the others to vote for him.

Addison's new patient is a young Afghani woman, Sharbat, who was raped.

The family doesn't want to report the act - they want her to be a virgin again with the help of a hymenoplasty. Sharbat has been promised as the bride in an arranged marriage, and the husband doesn't know about the rape.

Cooper, understandably freaked out about being recognized, heads to see Charlotte. He asks her straight out if she thinks he's a pervert.

Addison talks the re-virginization over with the rest of the doctors. Naomi is decidedly against it, while Dell, yes Dell, speaks up for the choice of the patient.

In the middle of the conversation, a woman named Meg comes in and locks lips with Pete without a proper introduction to the rest of the gang.

Addison sits down with Sharbat, and tells her that her exams show traces of sperm, even though the rape was supposedly months ago.

Turns out she has an American boyfriend - there was no rape.

She's trying to help her parents, who want to return to Afghanistan. Her arranged marriage is the key to her whole family's happiness.

Violet vehemently and emotionally states that Addison shouldn't do the surgery - it would be rewarding someone for lying about rape.

Sam tracks down Cooper for some one-on-one campaigning, and Cooper gives him Brayden's file. Sam says that he's a good doctor, he'll figure it out. Say it enough times, and it will become true... good politicking, Sam.

Meg and Pete catch up on old and new times, and Meg insists that Pete (or Peter, as she calls him) isn't the same old guy - no spark anymore.

She offers him a job in Ghana with a malaria program and when he doesn't jump on that, or her, she calls his bluff. Pete immediately jumps her.

Pete finds a sore on her back, which she brushes off as a bug bite. Later, Addison and Violet find Meg in the bathroom, inspecting the bug bite, and Meg tells them that she and Pete were residents together, then did Doctors Without Borders for a few years.

Both Violet and Addison are shocked to learn this. Meg tells them about Pete's "real" doctoring time, and that he's an amazing caregiver.

Officer Kevin surprises Addison, and offers to fly her to Cabo for the weekend. She pushes back, and he thinks she's breaking up with him.

She tells him that she has some new Rules for herself - Sex Rules - and that she's waiting until it feels right and that she's sure.

We next see Cooper knocking on Brayden's mom's door.

She only opens the door when he yells his diagnosis through it. He tells her that he thinks Brayden has a syndrome involving seizures which impair his brain's synapses. He leaves the research with her.

The next morning, Cooper finds Brayden and his mom in his office. Within an hour of getting medication, Brayden begins talking.

Naomi offers Dell a shadowing opportunity, but Sam steps in to up the ante. They end up fighting, loudly and publically.

Right after, Violet and Addison fill Naomi in on Pete's past, with and without Meg, and Pete realizes that he has some feelings for Meg.

Later, he tells Addison that while she's a good part of his past, she's a transient kind of friend. Addison tells him he could try and keep her.

Meg gets Sam to check the big bug bite on her back, and it turns out it was the remnants of a tick. Never a good sign.

Addison convinces Sharbat to tell her mother the truth about the boyfriend. Turns out the mom already knew, but she's willing to go along with the lie of rape so that the dad doesn't find out the truth.

Addison decides to go ahead with the hymenoplasty.

Sam and Naomi are still fighting. Addison tries to break it up by telling them that the vote isn't going to work; in fact, it's going to tear the practice apart.

They don't listen, and Sam says the vote is going to proceed as originally agreed. That evening, the doctors all line up to cast their votes, but Addison declines to cast her ballot.

Addison gets more votes than either Sam or Naomi. The write-in candidate wins! It's a huge upset! Stunned, Addison wonders what she's going to do, and Violet tells her she's going to figure out their future. A

Sam apologizes to Naomi, admitting he didn't handle the situation well. They make up.. Not being in charge might be best for their future.

Meg tries to convince Peter to join her in Ghana, but he tries instead, to get her to stay in L.A. Cooper looks Charlotte in the eye and tells her he doesn't want to have sex; instead, he wants to get to know her.

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