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Addison makes Maya tell her mom and dad she's pregnant, and Naomi storms out despite Sam and Addison's protest.

She ultimately comes back and tells Maya she has to get an abortion, even though Naomi doesn't believe in abortion.

Maya agrees to the abortion, but backs out during the appointment with Addison.

Her mom walks away from her, because, like Violet, she just can't deal.

She ends up hugging Fife, and Sam takes Maya and then confronts Dink, who didn't know Maya was pregnant. Oops.

But he loves her. Sam and Addison then get snuggly in a friendly way.

Dell spends the episode with Sookie, who's very pregnant, very in labor, but not willing to accept any drugs. She eventually begs for drugs, but it's too late for Dell to give them to her, so he peps her up with how great she is for sticking to the plan.

Naomi charges Maya into the room to see the birth to freak her out, but the baby is born and Maya is blown away in a good way.

Violet bonds with a new widower (as in, his wife died) who thinks her baby is dead. She does not correct him. He ends up telling her he'd ask her on a date if his wife hadn't just died. She helps him leave the hospital and go home.

Charlotte and Cooper stay broken up and say more mean things to each other as Charlotte moves out. She lives in the office until Violet offers her a place to stay.

Pete helps Fife make sure an Afghanistan veteran gets to keep his robotic arm despite an infection.

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