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Dell and Heather are living together, but she's not living for long. When he leaves her and Betsey to go to work, the house blows up.

As predicted, Heather was cooking meth.

Dell is in agony, while Betsey is unconscious (and then not) and Heather's badly burned and dying. When he finds out why the house blew up, whoa Nelly, he loses his $h!t and tells her he hopes she dies.

In Dell's defense, he doesn't want Betsey's last memories of her mother to be an unrecognizable, burned mess, but there's more to it than that. He's adamant, though. Pete tries to take her to Heather when Dell's gone, and Dell lays him out him.

Violet finally talks Dell into showing Heather some mercy. He's a little too late, though, as she passes away, so delirious from the pain meds that she thinks Pete is Dell. Pete tells her "he" forgives her.

Chris Lowell really brings it in this episode, and makes me wish they'd use him more often and better. Maybe they will now.

Meanwhile, Addison learns her mother's been having a lesbian affair ... for 20 years! She finds this so shocking that she ditches her family and sleeps at Sam's. There are moments of tension between those two again, but nothing comes up.

Sam finally sends her family away so that Addison can go back to being herself. In the end, Addison shows up at the airport to see them off, and makes small talk. This works, because they apparently don't talk about things.

Moping like this while Dell battled what he was going through? Too much?

Charlotte and Cooper are still fighting but it is now in the context of Dell. He still can't forgive her for lying about being married.

She thinks she was protecting him by lying, but was being formerly married and not disclosing it such a big deal? Doesn't it become more so by not saying anything?

Cooper still hasn't let it go by the end of the episode, but perhaps Charlotte's passionate plea for forgiveness will give him a little bit of a nudge. Drop it, Coop. Drop it.

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