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Naomi is getting ready to give a speech about her boss, William White (who has been getting a little flirty with her lately) at a fancy event.

It’s making Fife, among others, a little uncomfortable.

Cooper and Charlotte are fighting. Pete and Violet seem to have turned a corner, as Pete has ditched the idea of staying mad at her.

As for Addison and Sam ... well, even they don't know.

But attendance at the ball is mandatory, so everybody will be there and hopefully for everyone's sake, the alcohol will be a-flowin'.

Meanwhile, Cooper’s 13-year-old patient, Paige, has a bite mark on her neck. Her boyfriend says he’s walked this Earth for 2,000 years searching for his soul mate.

Yup, he thinks he's Edward from Twilight.

Unfortunately, he has been biting around behind Paige’s back and gave her Hepatitis. Paige can’t believe that her immortal beloved betrayed her.

Charlotte knows a little something about heartbreak. Her words hit home, not only with the patient, but with an eavesdropping Cooper.

Addison has to perform and emergency C-section on a woman, Lauren, who was fished out of the water by the Coast Guard.

Both baby and mother were saved, but the infant is having a tough time. Violet discovers Lauren has been distraught since her husband left her.

Unless Sam operates on her, Lauren will die. Unfortunately, that’s still exactly what she wants. She won’t consent to heart surgery.

Lauren is still hoping her husband will come back. Addison learns he wants nothing to do with her or the baby. Addison wants to keep this a secret until Lauren has the surgery. Sam doesn’t want to give her false hope, fixing her heart just so it can be broken again.

Talk about a not-so-subtle subtext to their conversation, as it parallels their current relationship.

At the ball, Naomi makes her speech about William. When he stops by her table to say thanks, Naomi rambles about everything in her life. Everything. Turns out William was, indeed, flirting which leads to some dancing, as distraught Fife looks on.

Violet is grateful that Pete is done being mad at her. Dell is also still upset about the Heather situation. He wants to move on, but can’t.

Addison and Pete find a quiet place to chat. Addison doesn’t think either of them will find happiness at the ball.

Addison does end up at home and the TV is on, but she’s not watching ... she's on the floor with Pete. Afterward, Pete confesses that he’s still in love with Violet. Addison tells Pete that she may be in love with Sam. They decide to have sex again!

At the hospital, Addison and Sam’s patient needs surgery now and Addison tells Lauren the trut. She says her baby found the strength to survive. She can do it, too. Lauren agrees to the surgery.

Dell stops by Violet’s office, sits down and takes off his wedding ring. Naomi stops by to see Sam after discovering that Violet has been helping him plan Maya’s wedding.

She offers a few suggestions that may also help. Then she runs into William White, who asks her out for drinks. Naomi accepts and they step into the elevator together.

They lean in for a kiss as the doors close and a disappointed Fife watches.

Addison and Pete end up back in bed together wondering if they’ll ever “not” be in love with other people. They don’t have the answer. Yet.

Private Practice
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