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Change is in the air at Oceanside Wellness ... Pacific Wellcare ... whatever they wanna be called this week.

Everybody is pushed to their limits, as the episode title implies, but more important than anyone's personal drama is that of a little boy whose mom is a 15-year-old homeless girl.

Cooper, Addison, and Sam meet her at a shelter where they are doing pro bono work and when they realize the boy has serious heart problems, they bring him in.

Sam wants to operate on him for free, knowing no one else will do it, but Addison tells him he can't just jump back into surgery.

Addison opts to call the girl's mom instead.

That turns out to be a disaster, sending the girl and her boy back out onto the street, where the boy's condition worsens.

Fortunately, Cooper and Addison find them, Sam operates, and then the young mom makes peace with her own mother.

In Violet's world, there are no such happy endings.

She's back at work, but is clearly not up for it, as her efforts to help a married couple after the wife's been raped hit too close to home. Especially when we learn she's pregnant and the rapist is the biological father.

Her husband storms out when he hears she wants to keep it, since she's been trying to conceive for so long. Still reeling from her own violent attack that involved her child, Violet talks her into an abortion and goes way over the line, calling the fetus inside of her a reminder of the most awful thing that ever happened.

Violet realizes she shouldn't tell patients to do things like this, so she calls them both in to sort out what they really want, instead of making it all about herself.

We don't know what they chose to do, but at least it will be about them, and not Violet.

Meanwhile, Violet's ignoring Lucas and Pete. Pete ultimately decides to take a job working for Naomi so that she doesn't have to look at him every day.

At the same time, Sheldon's claiming turf in his attempts to get over losing his girlfriend and baby to Pete in the span of a week.

Addison and Sam decide not to replace Naomi, and instead want each doctor to pony up $50,000 to buy her shares.

Everyone writes a check except Cooper, who's broke.

Charlotte's home moping and remodeling his bathroom and billing him for it, so he finally caves and tells her he's broke.

This leads to her giving Addison and Sam $50,000 for Cooper and a blank check for her. She's joining the practice!

Oh, and Dell's back, for a change, worried about Betsey being in school, and dealing with a panicky mom-to-be.

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