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After her open-ended escape to Costa Rica, Violet has finally returned home and to the practice.

Everyone treads a little lightly around her, especially Pete and Addison who have mixed feelings about Violet's desire to reconnect with Lucas.

Amelia butts into Sam's personal life, pointing out that he can mend hearts in the OR but can't seem to do that for himself.

Sheldon encourages Charlotte to reconcile with Cooper, while Cooper deals with a young patient who eats everything in sight.

Violet is met with open arms by Pete at first, although ultimately he bristles when she wants to immediately share custody and integrate herself in Lucas' life.

She tells Cooper she's going to sue for custody if Pete won't give it to her, but he steadfastly wants to protect Lucas. Time will tell which side blinks first.

Addison and Pete share a moment of commitment to each other, we think, but not before Amelia encourages Sam to go after her and he finally does.

They make out on the back balcony, and while it ultimately doesn't go as Sam planned, he and Amelia share a moment in which she confides in him.

Perhaps in encouraging Sam to go after Addy, she was overcompensating for her own lack of direction. She's going to be an interesting one to follow.

Cooper and Sheldon team up on a new patient who eats everything in sight, leading to Sheldon encouraging Cooper to go after Charlotte.

An interesting revelation casts new light on Cooper's past behavior. Like his little patient, he feels we was lied to by his parents years ago.

The kid's mom had the same disease he does, and Coop says to forgive her anyway - because he never forgave his own parents.

They had a son who died years before he was adopted, leading him to believe he was just a replacement ... like he feels with Charlotte's husband, also revealed to him later.

He's gonna fight for her, but will it be successful? Stay tuned.

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