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This episode of Private Practice features many different stories and loose connections, at best, between them.


She has a patient, Lily, dying of ovarian cancer. Lily's okay with it, or at least at peace with her fate, but she can't leave Milo, her cat.

When Addison steps up to cat-sit while she has treatment, Lily's finally at peace knowing Addison will keep Milo. Lily's oncologist asks Addison out, and she says yes, but we don't get to see the coffee date.

Addison and Sam toast to crazy cat ladies.


They are dealing with a depressed woman and her fiancée. Violet recommends electroshock therapy, which causes her to forget her fiancée completely.

She remembers every other detail of her life, though, so Violet thinks something bad must have happened involving the fiancée.

Turns out it didn't, and she's just pretending not to remember him so he'll go away, because he's too nice. Violet and Pete go along with her to see him, and give the fiancée a speech about letting go.

How happy she is now makes it seem that Pete and Violet are over.


Charlotte can't get patients at all. She gives vibrators to the Oceanside ladies for letting her join the practice, then she does nothing but whine about not having patients.

Cooper gets on a chat room and sends one to her, but that pisses her off, so she yells at him in front of one of his patients, a kid.

Then they talk later and she realizes it's okay if he helps bring her business, because they are in a relationship AND a business together.


Naomi's the most stressed of all because she's dealing with a new genetic specialist hired at Pacific Wellcare without her permission who wants to help some little people have a little child.

She doesn't like the idea of messing with the embryos, especially when she realizes using the embryos that will ensure the little person baby could also have cancer.

She says no, and admits she was a very fat child. The wheelchair doc still isn't in love with her or anything, but the fat thing helps.

They're definitely headed toward one of those hate-love TV romances.

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