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Some guys show up at Oceanside because one of them took Viagra (or something like it) and has an erection. One that will not go away.

It's his wedding day. The erection came too soon and he's supposed to be at his reception. Charlotte has scary methods to help him involving needles.

His new wife shows up, and Violet realizes she's pregnant and counsels her to tell him. So she does. Right while Charlotte has a needle in his penis.

Oh, and they made a pact to stay virgins until their wedding! Whoops.

He's not ready to forgive until Charlotte give him a speech about how she used to be married and she left when he did something bad. Umm ... sure.

In any case, he stays, and Charlotte seems to start a conversation with Cooper at the end, in which she tells him about her past marriage.

Meanwhile, in a canyon three hours from anywhere (at least via hiking), Sam and Addison start to talk about "what if" they ever got together.

Then they hear a man call for help.

He's laying on the ground, but his pregnant wife's trapped in a car they wrecked. Sam's going to get help while Addison stays and helps them.

But just then, the car goes further into the canyon with Addison and the pregnant woman trapped inside. Oh, and it's her due date?

Both women are trapped in the car, so Sam fixes up the husband (who has a collapsed lung and can't move) as much as he can and leaves them there.

Addison delivers the baby, after telling her how important it is to live if you are in a relationship. The baby makes it, but then Jake seems to die.

Fortunately, Sam arrives back with all sort of helicopters and medical help then, and Jake seems to be okay. But when the rescue team goes to pry the woman from the car, they end up killing her.

Addison freaks out. Then she and Sam kiss.

Private Practice
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