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Addison and Pete treat a 60-year-old pregnant woman with a 30-year-old husband. Yup, you read that right, we didn't mix it up.

They work hard to save the baby, and it's unclear if they do (although it looks likely), but the storyline serves its real purpose - to keep Addison and Pete closeafter she's been told the unsettling news that Violet and the Captain had sex.

Again, we are not making this up!

They jump into bed together approximately 9 seconds after meeting and with no remorse. She is pretty pumped about this, in fact.

It makes them both happy, and makes the Captain a good father for about 12 seconds ... until Addison finds out via Naomi.

Addison tells Pete, who's devastated but tells Violet he doesn't care since he's done with her. Addison confronts her dad.

Then he makes a call to Bizzy (her mom) and tells her if she doesn't come out and tell Addison the truth, he's going to.

Violet's sexual encounter is convenient for her patient of the week, too, as she, Cooper, and Charlotte work to try to help a Jewish couple with six kids find some way to practice birth control, which their faith prohibits.

At least it's subjective. A rabbi tells them that in Judaism, some Jews follow the letter of the law about being fruitful without birth control, while others might feel like with six kids, that's plenty fruitful enough, thankyouverymuch.

In the end, the couple doesn't want to look for a way around their faith. But Violet convinces the wife to take birth control without saying it's birth control ... she says she's iron deficient and needs the pills for "anemia." Yeah, that's it.

Unethical or smart?

Meanwile, Maya is acting out and Sam and Naomi disagree over how to handle it. Naomi is irate when she finds Maya making out with a guy (named Dink) but Sam would rather Mr. cool, fun dad.

Maya likes his strategy better, but not enough to show any respect and soon enough she's throwing a party at his house after he agreed to take her for awhile to take the pressure off Nae.

Sam takes her back to Naomi's and tells her to apologize because her mom is gonna kill her soon and he's not going to stop her.

They don't know what to do other than to stay together on this. Parenting is difficult!

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