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It's a month after the season premiere.

Nevertheless, no one's moved forward on any front.

Violet and Pete are living together, but she won't go outside or do anything with the baby. Therapist that she is, she eloquently says over and over that she is not losing it, which just makes it clearer and clearer that she does have issues.

Pete goes back to work, and there's a lot of buildup with her looking emptily at her child before she finally tells Charlotte over martinis that she feels nothing toward the baby.

Pete talks to Sheldon, who talks to Violet, who reports back to Pete that he needs to try tough love, which in this case means he needs to leave. Ulterior motives much?

She does come to him in the end, but not to be a family or be together. She wants to be a good mother, which means giving the baby to Pete. The baby's name? Lucas.

Back at work, Naomi's trying to reconnect with Addison, but Addison's only willing to talk about shoes in the elevator.

Addison's also still sad about Noah, but she won't talk to Naomi about it. Sam and Addison bond over the fact that they've lost Nae and Sam remembers Noah's name - which Nae didn't when Addison confides she's heartbroken about not only losing him, but her BFF.

It's a nice moment between the two.

Cooper hasn't visited Violet yet, because he's still blaming himself for what happened.

Instead, he's going out of his mind trying to save patients to make up for it all.

His patient this week is a family consisting of pregnant mom Kellie Martin who's been beaten, dad who's been stabbed, and an 11-year-old daughter who's also been beaten.

She's Cooper's patient, pregnant mom is Addison's, and dad is Sam's. Mom gets arrested for the stabbing, so Cooper gets the little girl to come clean:

She really did the beating and stabbing, with a cantaloupe and a knife, in a fit of rage.

The mom blames herself anyway, because she did drugs while pregnant. Addison and Cooper find a tumor on the little girls' ovaries that is causing the rage, so they operate and she's okay.

Her dad's probably not going to be, though, so she tells him she's sorry and he forgives her. That leads to Cooper finally heading over to Violet's and meeting Lucas.

She tells him it wasn't his fault.

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