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All of Violet’s friends and colleagues take the stand in her custody fight with Pete over Lucas. In the end, a judge will determine if she can have her son.

Before we get to the trial, we flashback to Violet’s time in New York. She has a job interview with Ellen, a pregnant psychiatrist taking maternity leave.

In court, initially well-meaning testimonies from Dell, Sheldon and Charlotte on Violet’s behalf don’t go well. Cooper testifies, too. Also not good.

Violet needs someone on her side. Naomi and Amelia Shepherd fit the bill, describing what she went through and how treatment can help.

Sam has trouble with his testimony - if he said what he wanted to about Pete and Addison, he’d be doing it for all the wrong reasons.

When it’s Violet’s turn to testify, the subject of her past abortions comes up. Only two people knew about those procedures, Naomi and Addison.

During cross-examination, Addison is portrayed terribly. But she quickly owns up to her past, and says she's just doing this for Lucas.

Outside of court, Violet admits to Sam that she’s still in love with Pete. Violet later confronts Pete to ask if he’s still in love with her.

Addison realizes he’s the one who spilled the news about Violet’s abortions. She tells Pete that, one day, Lucas will be ashamed.

Flashing back to New York, we see that Violet has a breakthrough when Ellen gets her to spill the details of her attack.

In court, Violet testifies that she knows with every fiber of her being that she’s ready to be Lucas’s mother.

When she wasn’t ready, she gave him to the one person he knew would put Lucas’s life before his own: Pete.

Her testimony hits home with Pete, but the judge still deems that she’s not ready for this undertaking.

Outside the courthouse, Violet tells Addison that she believes she had something to do with Pete’s change of heart.

Even though she lost, Violet still gets visitation rights. But will Addison be happy now? She does not know.

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Private Practice Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

You want to fight dirty? Let's fight dirty.


I do not believe Violet Turner is a fit mother.