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Pete’s brother, Adam, shows up at Oceanside to say their imprisoned mother is dying. There’s a chance she could get a humanitarian release, but not without Pete’s help.

She is extremely happy to see him. Pete, however, can’t seem to let go of the past.

Pete is able to find enough forgiveness in his heart to look for a way to get his mom out. Unfortunately, her condition doesn’t fully warrant a humanitarian release.

But Pete knows of a way to spin things so that it would. Sam offers to help.

In the end, Pete has a change of heart, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen because he feels he's being emotionally blackmailed.

Sharon is a widowed woman who has been having seizures for seven years. Amelia wants to perform a risky surgery. The mom wants to pass, not wanting to risk orphaning her daughter. Addison supports this decision. Amelia does not.

Addison comes to realize that the “10 good years” argument doesn’t apply, as this mom and daughter have a truly special relationship.

Sharon comes through the surgery with flying colors.

Cooper brings Charlotte down to the police station for an update on her case. They have a suspect and want Charlotte to ID him.

There’s no way she wants to come face to face with this monster again.

Charlotte is furious when she learns Sheldon knows what happened to her and that Addison sent pelvic washings to the police.

Eventually, Charlotte opts to do the lineup but tells Cooper she wants Violet to go with her. He still has no idea she was raped.

With a protective two-way mirror between them at the police lineup, Charlotte looks her attacker right in the eye.

She hesitates and says the man who beat and raped her is not in the room. Sheldon is stunned to see Lee walk out.

Violet realizes that Charlotte lied during the lineup and calls her out.

Sheldon tells Charlotte about Lee’s girlfriend and son. These are two other people he may eventually hurt.

In another office, Violet tells Cooper that the woman he loves was raped.

He vows to Charlotte to do whatever it takes to help, but Charlotte makes her way back to the police station where she positively ID’s the man.

Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

You didn't bring me here for moral support, did you? You wanted a witness to go tell Cooper that you had tried because if he would have been here he would have seen how you reacted and he would have known, too.


Amelia: You are not a neurosurgeon!
Addison: You were promising her a cure!
Amelia: Because I can give her one, because I AM a neurosurgeon! Look I don't tell you how to handle vaginas!