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Addison and Sam treat a newborn baby with a huge tumor. The parents want to do chemo instead of cutting it out, as it's less risky.

Oncologist Dr. Rodriguez agrees. but Addison ultimately convinces the parents to take the risk, and they get the job done.

Violet works with a prisoner who just got paroled and doesn't know if he can adjust to society. Pete does not like her getting close to a prisoner one bit.

We later learn this concern stems from his own mother being in jail and his brother possibly as well. That's got to be explored more at a later date.

Amelia propositions Sheldon for sex. He turns her down, but says if she wants something real, he might be down for that.

Charlotte and Cooper argue over kids. She doesn't want 'em. He does! Shocker! They decide to table the conversation for now ... he just wanted to have it. A conversation. They have sex, which they both agree is good.

Private Practice
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