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In last night’s “Love and Lies,” Naomi and Sam wondered if their explosive kiss was spawned from their nostalgia or meant to be much more.

Back to woo Naomi, Gabriel returns to make things even more complicated. Later, Naomi realizes what’s in the past is there for a reason as she walks away leaving what she once knew behind at Oceanside.

Meanwhile, the doctors are dealing with another case that puts them all at odds. A married couple desperately wants to harvest the eggs of their unborn and ill-fated baby.

When they unwillingly meet their baby, the couple realized they were parents and had a child regardless of the circumstances and no longer wanted to move forward with the procedure. Helping the parents deal with their grief, Addison was also able to deal with her own grief in losing Bizzy.

Elsewhere, Amelia helped a friend who wanted to take her life after finding out her results for Huntington's Disease were positive. Sheldon finally told everyone that he is tired of being the sounding board. Lastly, Pete helped Violet recognize that the perfect photo for her book required vulnerability and honesty.

Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Pete: This is why doctors shouldn't treat their friends.
Amelia: I'm doing this because I'm her friend.

Naomi: The last time I saw you, you yelled at me and you just rolled off.
Gabriel: Rolled? Really... Nae?
Naomi: That, that's not what I meant.
Gabriel: He's gone, and I'm back. So, let the wooing begin.