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Pete is placed in a tough situation when an old army buddy treats people out of his house. This goes too far and Pete has to call an ambulance before a wounded girl is hurt even more.

Pete does sympathize with the need to help those who need it most, though, and decides to work some ER shifts every week.

Charlotte has been seeing real estate agents behind Cooper's back. She wants to move to a new place without all the emotional baggage. He sees the current place as where good memories were made.

Sam is forced to confront Dell's killer, who comes in begging for forgiveness. Sam freaks out and chokes him, leading to cardiac arrest. Studying his chart, Sam notices an aneurysm.

If he didn't tell anyone, the guy would have likely died, and no one would have cried too hard at Oceanside. But a case from his past made Sam do the opposite. He saved him.

Naomi said that past case, in which Sam let a pedophile teacher die due to ambivalence in the OR, was the beginning of the end for them. This time, he made the right decision.

Hopefully it won't be the beginning of the end of Sam and Addison, Naomi says.

Private Practice
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