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Cooper and Charlotte’s special day to be married has finally arrived; however, not everyone is in a celebratory mood. The couple found themselves second-guessing their wedding plans as a result of the turmoil and surrounding future of Oceanside Wellness. In the end, Cooper and Charlotte tied the knot in Vegas.

Meanwhile, an investigator questions our Oceanside Wellness doctors about Violet’s breach of confidentiality case. The doctors are torn between protecting Violet and the future of their practice. The practice could be in jeopardy though as the medical board has not reached its verdict in Violet’s case.

Naomi and Fife are back, and this time they are together. Addison tries to befriend Naomi again, but the latter is hesitant. Sam and Addison are officially broken up.

Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

We're junkies together. That makes us BFF's in my book.


Are you getting pre-wedding jitters? Are you going to choke up at the altar? I will drive the getaway car. No questions asked.