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Katie Kent returned to stir up trouble for Violet again. This time, Katie threatened to sue Violet for "breach of confidentiality." Although Violet felt that she was innocent at first, she soon realized she would have to defend her actions to more people than just Katie as her medical license is now in jeopardy.
Meanwhile, Cooper suspected that Charlotte might still have feelings for her ex-husband Billy. However, Billy's the one who has actually been hiding a secret from Charlotte. Violet finally gave her blessing to Sheldon to date Marla.

Moreover, Addison and Sam come to no conclusion as to where they are in their relationship as Addison realizes she cannot wait anymore for Sam and longs to have a baby still.

Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Sam: When you're in love with someone, Addison, when you're in a real relationship, you don't do that.
Addison: Our relationship is real. Sam, I love you.
Sam: Then, why'd you give me an ultimatum?
Addison: We discussed it.
Sam: We did not discuss. You said we either have a baby or end it. That is not a discussion.

Sometimes wanting a baby it's like nothing else matters, but you have to think about what you two have been through and that you could die.